HI, I'M DANETTE MAY and welcome to my site.

I’m super grateful you found me. I hope I can inspire and touch your soul in a way that allows you to step into your full potential and self love.

To get started, let me share something that took me a long time to figure out and that I believe can have an immense impact on your life.

Right now, the way you are... YOU ARE ENOUGH!

I’ve been able to help and transform the lives of millions of women by being true to myself and by teaching the truth when it comes to health and fitness.

I’m also an author of Mindful Health, LLC. An author of the best-selling books, 7 Day Jumpstart, Bikini Body Detox, and Bikini Body Recipes.

I’ve been featuring in top selling fitness videos. I’ve worked along side celebrities, like George St. Pierre and Jillian Michaels.

I’ve been able to influence so many women and attract this caliber of people because everything I do is based on 3 pillars of healing...

Healing Workouts. Healing Foods. Healing Mindset.

As a woman, I know the difficulties you’re going through then it comes to fat loss. I understand the battle going on in your head. In fact, if you’re a woman past the age of 40 and feel like you’re body is aging too fast, you’re going to fall in love with my unique approach that’s more than just fitness.

My ultimate goal is for you to feel comfortable in your body. It doesn’t matter if...

I will show you how to shine bright in the world.

See, my ultimate purpose it to change the lives of millions of women on this planet by projecting “self-love” principles onto the world through women like you. So if you’ve ever been frustrated with the way your body looks or if you’ve ever tried a diet and failed, you’re in the right place. If you stick with me I will show you why this happened in the past and how to easily fix it. I don’t believe in hours of cardio or starvation style diets.

My philosophy is to love life and enjoy every single day.

Self torture in the name of a great body doesn’t fit the equation.

That’s why all the workouts you’ll find on this site target multiple muscle groups and can be done in 15 minutes or less.

I also love to eat, but I hate to spend hours in the kitchen.

So every single recipe I’ve created takes less than 10-minutes to make and only requires 5 ingredients. Plus every one is packed with flavor and helps your body melt fat by perfectly balancing protein, carb and healthy fat.

All of my programs focus on healing and teach you the essentials to creating a LIFE you love. I don’t want you to have a “bikini body” and not be 100% happy.

That’s not my mission.

To help you start to eliminate your sabotaging self-talk I’ve also created a series of 5-minute meditations.

When you combine these with a few simple affirmations your confidence grows automatically. The awesome part is, these mind-healing techniques work regardless if you believe in them or not. And that trickles into ALL areas of your life – and those around you.

At the end of the day, my passion is to coach as many women as possible to step into their purpose and realize true self love.

I want you to shine bright, ignite your spirit, and live a rewarding life every day.

Are you ready to change your life and be an example for others to follow?